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A good beer can be brewed from high quality ingredients and thoroughly observing the technology, that is why our beer is brewed according to traditional German technology, without adding preservatives.

Beer cuisine «BeerFest» offers you 7 types of beer:

American Amber Ale
Russian Imperial Stout
Indian Pale Ale
Golden Wheat
Light Queen
Green Piece
Seasonal Cherry Rubby Beer

It is consist of:

  • Australian malt (the product obtained by fermination of seeds of cereals, mostly barley);
  • Crystal clear disinfected water (you could not brew a good tasty beer without water! "It is at least 90% consist of water);
  • Czech hop (a perennial climber, belongs to the family of Cannabis, gives beer a special taste and aroma);
  • German beer yeast (sugar fungus).

Beer yeast is very good for your health, because it is half consist of protein. It is a rich source of vitamins, which play an important role in metabolism in the human body.

For example there is group of B vitamins, especially B6 and B12. Other vitamins such as thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), folic acid and biotin, which are also found in beer yeast, increases a person's ability to concentrate, stabilize blood circulation, strengthening nails and hair.

Before the beer is  ready, it must take certain steps

1. Preparation of malt. Malt is the main source of sugar, and also gives beer a color. The color of malt influence to the color of the beer.
2. Preparation of wort. Crushed grain of malt mix with a hot water and leave it for a while. After this the wort is filtered and boiled with hops.
3. Fermentation. The wort is transfused into special tanks, where beer yeast will be added. When the beer fermented, it is already possible to drink. This drink is called a young beer or green beer.
4. Maturation. Beer continues to roam at 6-12C for 10-20 days. 
At present, the use of live beer has become popular all around the world.

Beer tasting – is a kind of skill, and if you treat it intelligently, the pleasure of beer increases by many times.

One of the main qualities of beer – is a flavor. At first to catch the most subtle smell you should breath it several times through your nose, making the exhale through the mouth. After a while you should drink it and enjoy its aroma. Take a big gulp, split it into 2 small, and you will feel pleasant aftertaste!

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