— Indian Pale Ale


Indian Pale Ale is a pale, top fermented beer with a pleasant body, a distinctive bitterness and fine aroma. Distinctive Bitterness 7.9%

The IPA was originally brewed out of necessity. Just like the British living in the motherland, those in the English Empire in the east needed to cool down with beer at the end of a long day. The problem was that the Indian climate was too warm to brew beer, and most beers couldn’t survive the long six-month journey to India. In the 1780s, a London brewer named Hodgson sent a strong beer packed with hops, which he called October ale, to the Eastern Empire. Not only did the beer taste great when it arrived in the east, but its flavors were even better than before the journey. This brew was meant to be aged like wine, which made it the perfect selection. As time went on, the IPA became paler with more refreshing flavors to suit the sweltering Indian climate. Now you know why the IPA is called India Pale Ale.

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