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— 11.09.2017 The 12 benefits of drinking beer

The 12 benefits of drinking beer

— 22.08.2017 A practical definition of craft beer

Craft natural beer - one of the most enjoyable pleasures in our life. Here we give you a practical definition of craft beer.

— 10.06.2015 How To Taste Beer

When analyzing a beer, you can't just swill it down, burp and say "it's great" or "it's crap." And, even though tasting is an individual art, there are a few steps, which if followed, will take your beer tasting to a blissful level.

— 03.06.2015 Beer and food pairings

The perfect brews to compliment your favorite meals

— 29.05.2015 Drinking Traditions Around the World

If you're drinking international, do it right! It’s a little known fact that we’re sticklers when it comes to tradition. Especially the kind that involve drinking. For anyone who thought drinking was just about going to a bar and getting a drink, you’ll be surprised at how complicated the process can be, depending on which part of the world you’re in. Different countries have very specific traditions that dictate social drinking norms, and ignorance of these traditions might result in a lot of lonely drinking. Of course, we’d never let that happen to our patrons, and so we put together a list of some of the most widely followed traditions across the world.

— 21.05.2015 Beer Pong is not just a drinking game.

Beer Pong is not just a drinking game. It is a true sport of champions. To emerge victorious, you must study all the ins and outs of the game.

— 15.05.2015 What your beer says about you

You’re efficient and direct, never taking time explore/ you may not even read the rest of this.

— 14.05.2015 9,000-Year-Old Beer Re-Created From Chinese Recipe

A Delaware brewer with a penchant for exotic drinks recently concocted a beer similar to one brewed in China some 9,000 years ago.

— 13.05.2015 The 12 benefits of drinking beer

Beer keeps your kidneys healthy A Finnish study singled out beer among other alcoholic beverages, finding that it was better for your kidneys. In fact, each bottle of beer you drink reduces the risk of developing kidney stones by 40%.

— 06.05.2015 The origin of delicious word

Beer - this word is familiar to a great number of people in the whole world, no matter what their native language is. The etymology of the word “beer” is somewhat ambiguous, but there are several possible sources.

— 28.04.2015 Beer Treatment for Hair

No one wants to scrimp when it comes to beauty, but it is difficult to reason spending big bucks on hair treatments when there are cheap and easy alternatives. Even if your mom never did it herself, she probably had friends who rinsed their hair in beer at least once. It is no old wives' tale; beer is good for your hair.

— 21.04.2015 Draft keg or bottled Beer?

So if you think of beer – think of Beerfest.

— 14.04.2015 Reasons Why Beer Is Even Better Than You Thought

We've decided to round up all the reasons why you should love this awesome drink. It turns out that beer has many uses you may have never known of before. Did you know that in many places in Europe people use it to improve their skin? Read on for more cool facts.

— 07.04.2015 Beer stories

In ancient English pubs patrons were served special tankards, of which the handles were … whistles. Having drunk their beer, the most devoted clients had the possibility to ask for more just by whistling without overstraining their voices in the noisy pubs.

— 02.04.2015 Beer records

There is a beer mug 2 metres high in a small german town Fürberg. It was made in 1820.

— 31.03.2015 Great Beer Denver Festiva

— 26.03.2015 Main rules beer

There are only two types of beer –high-fermentation - ale, and low fermentation - lager. It’s quite simple toidentify them: lager is fermented in a different way, and it is very dry. Ale, on the contrary, has very rich taste. There are a number of hybrid types and exceptions, it is better to divide beer in this way.

— 09.02.2015 Can we get a beer in space?

Beer is a drink of millions! This is probably the most popular drink on Earth. Is it possible to brew out of our planet... ?

— 21.01.2015 History of microbrewery

About microbrewing movement

— 24.12.2014 All about Pilsner

Pilsner is a type of pale lager. It takes its name from the city of Plzeň, Bohemia, Czech Republic, where it was first produced in 1842. The original Pilsner Urquell beer is still produced there today.

— 22.12.2014 Unpasteurized beer, unfiltered beer and yeast beer: what are the differences?

Beer is a drink with a huge history and many breweries are proud of observance of traditional brewing process, but, of course, modern technology has influence to brewing. The basic types of treatment are beer filtration and pasteurization. These treatments have made it possible long-term storage of the beverage, on the other hand, it has bad affect to its taste.

— 19.12.2014 Beer facts

Every country has its own history, that is connected with the origin, production and interesting way of consumption of the world-famous drink - beer. Even on the stones of ancient Babylon, Sumerian cuneal clay plates and ancient Egyptian papyrus archeologists find different recipes of beer brewing from barley malt.

— 19.12.2014 It’s the water.

It’s the water.

— 18.12.2014 Healing Beer

Why beer is good for health.

— 11.12.2014 December 10 It’s National Lager Day

It’s National Lager Day! Lager is a type of German beer that is bottom fermented and lightly hopped. It is usually stored for at least three weeks after brewing before it is served.

— 04.12.2014 The most important ingredient in brewing was the last one discovered...

The most important ingredient in brewing was the last one discovered...

— 01.12.2014 The most important ingredient in brewing was the last one discovered, because yeast is a single-celled organism that is invisible to the naked eye

The most important ingredient in brewing was the last one discovered, because yeast is a single-celled organism that is invisible to the naked eye. Still, brewers have long known that some unseen agent turned a sweet liquid into beer. Long ago, the action of yeast was such a blessing, yet so mysterious, that English brewers called it “Godisgood.”

— 27.11.2014 Skills of craft beer tasting

Craft natural beer - one of the most enjoyable pleasures in our life. You require only three components to be skilled beer taster: the eyes, the nose and the palate. The eyes evaluated for color, pennost and transparency, the nose detects the scent of beer and palate enjoys his taste.

— 21.11.2011 The main differences of draught beer from the bottle alive

Favorite invigorating amber beverage - beer is not only a technology of preparation, formulation, and method of delivery to the consumer. So, we all know that beer can be bottled beer and draught beer. Each of them has its fans who say that their beer is better.

— 07.11.2011 Dark beer is a living

Dark beer alive - low-alcohol beverage that is produced alcoholic fermentation of barley malt, hops and water.

— 13.10.2011 Live beer: class preparation technology and the benefits from it

As you know, beer is produced from grain raw materials - malt (barley processed product), and hops - with special brewer's yeast. Because of the complex chemical composition (content of protein and minerals, carbohydrates, organic and amino acids, enzymes and vitamins) beer - perishable product.

— 12.10.2011 Live beer!

Living beer ... What kind of beer? How do I retrieve it? How to distinguish it from regular beer?


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