— Main rules beer

There are no dark and light beer, but there are ale and lager

There are only two types of beer –high-fermentation - ale, and low fermentation - lager. It’s quite simple toidentify them: lager is fermented in a different way, and it is very dry. Ale, on the contrary, has very rich taste. There are a number of hybrid types and exceptions, it is better to divide beer in this way.

Beer doesn’t always consists of 4 ingredients

Except for grain varieties, water, yeast and hops, one can add different types of sugar, seasoning, honey, syrups, fruit and other unusual ingredients. So when you see sugar on a good Czech beer label, don’t grimace. A brew master probably added it for taste, and not to hide beer downsides.


Thisisthesecondbeermyth. Fresh, unfiltered and unpasteurized beer is really much tastier than bottled beer. But at the same time there are incredibly delicious beer sort, that need to be saved in barrels for months, and then add extra sugar and yeast for second fermentation in a bottle. 

There are no powder beer

Powder beer is the most foolish beer myth. Of course some use extracts during beermaking. But in general it is much cheaper to brew beer than use mythical powder and breed and add to alcohol and water.

Beer can be strong, and it still remains beer

Everything that is more than 5–6% is still beer, and nobody adds alcohol to it.Beer yeast can high spirit up to 9–10%, but it takes more time and you need to use champagne yeast. Thanks to it you can get strong beer, that is still beer – drink, that is made during fermentation, but not distillation.Even though earlier hops were used as a preservative, hop flavor disappears first, that’s why the earlier you drink pilsner or strong ales, the better.




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