— Beer facts

It is true, that brewing in Babylon was significantly different from what we have now: firstly they made flour from barley, then made bread cakes, that were cooked in ovens. When the cake was half cooked, they added malt, brewed it and left the wort in open vessel for fermentation. In ancient times people had to drink beer with a straw. The paintings from Egyptian pyramids’ walls depicts how Egyptians drink it with reed straw.

In Middle Ages barley was one of the most common crops, so almost every family brewed their own home beer. Hence we have the tradition of kraft brewing of a family business. Different monasteries had different types of beer. By the end of the XI century people started adding hops in beer. Every beer lover knows this unique taste and aroma of hops. Hops also is a good natural preservative.

However, not only the crowd liked this hopped drink, but privileged people as well. For instance, The Emperor of Holy Roman Empire Frederick I along with bread and meat considered beer to be the main food and beverage in the empire, and it was a law.

Another monarch Edward IV also took part in beer brewing development. During the War of Roses he constantly invested in beer production, and thanks to it beer industry was rapidly developing and brought a big return to the government. It is said that during those times glorious traditions of British brewers were originated and there were written recipes of many classic ale types.

As for Russia, one legend says that in our country people started eating salty nuts with beer. During the trip in Europe Peter I, who al those times pretended to be a bombardier Peter Mikhailov, decided to try the nuts with beer as chaser. The tsar liked that unexpected combination so much, that later he always used to serve beer only with this chaser.

In England the brewers made special strong beer for Russian Queen Catherine II, that shouldn’t have beed spoiled in its way to Russia. However, the legend says that the brewers still couldn’t calculate the time, and they over brewed it. That’s how «Russia Stout» was made.

It should be noted that until XIX century beer was served in a clay or metal cups. Only after the invention of the refrigerating machine people started using familiar glass mugs, because only after this invention they started to use low yeast fermentation, apart for high fermentation. It turns out that if beer is brewed with high fermentation, it is always opaque. That is why the most famous beer types were ale, porter and weiss. And only thanks to the low fermentation beer has a clear transparent color.

Japan also has its own beer brewing history. Once one local brewery developed a technology of dry beer production. The main difference of this drink was that it was much stronger. However, the brewers didn’t believe in a success of this beer type, and they decided to produce and sell only 1 million of this new beverage. Imagine their surprise when by the end of the year they sold 13,5 million of boxes! Other companies hurried to start the production of that beverage, that won 20-25% in the local market during the following years.

In some places, where the beer brewing is considered to be an old tradition, beer glasses and mugs production is very honorable. Choosing a glass shape is always very important, just like choosing a wine bottle. It is said that the right glass can help you to reveal all advantaged of beer. That is why Belgium is a really special place, where a new mug is made for every new beer type. And it is considered bad manners to serve beer in the «wrong» glass.


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