— Beer records


There is a beer mug 2 metres high in a small german town Fürberg. It was made in 1820.

 The biggest beer mug with lid was made by “Selangor” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was presented on 30 November 1985. Its height is 198.7 cm, and the capacity is 2796 litres.

 During TV competition in Königsee on 29 June, 1981, the bartender Rosie Shedelbauer covered the 15-metre distance holding 5 beer mugs in each hand.

 In Portugal  quite unusual competitions took place, where waiters competed both in running and professional skills. Joah Manuel de Sousa holding a tray with two beer bottles and two glasses covered the distance of 132 km in 22 hours. The Mayor decided to have a beer while honoring the winner. However, after the first sip the expression of the mayor’s face changed. It turned out that after one day of competition the beer became a warm and nasty liquid, but it didn’t stop the talented waiter from becoming a winner.

 Have you ever heard about a beer reactor? Such a facility was installed at a chemical factory in Karl-Marx-Stadt. It is possible to brew 1 million beer mugs in a huge tank, which height is 4.5 metres and length is 22.5 metres.  The reactor is made for Leipzig brewery “Stern-burg”. According to new technology the brewery process will be one third as short.

 Running races with baby carriages are very popular in Great Harwood, Lancashire, England. The distance is 5 miles, and only men are allowed to take part. Their task is not only not to overturn a baby carriage, pushing it in front of them, but also to drink a beer in 14 pubs, that are on the way.

 In 1947 an American writer Mencken signed a contract with a Canadian film company. The film company had to deliver two boxes of ale every month to the author till the end of his life for the film adaptation of the book.

 In 1948 during the Ice Hockey World Championship in Czech Republic Canadian team brought 12 thousand beer cans. It is about 29 cans per day for one person. There is the question whether it was necessary to carry such big luggage to the country that is world famous for its beer?

 The Slovaks and the Czechs both like beer, and it is difficult to set beer records there, but some people try to do it. In one Slovakian city Dobschina a courier Tomesh Bkanek made a bet on a large sum of money. He had to drink 12 litres of Pilsner beer in two hours. After an hour and a half it became clear to many viewers  that his defeat is inevitable, by that time he had drunk only 7 litres and already couldn’t sit at the table. 


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