— Beer stories

Beer stories

In ancient English pubs patrons were served special tankards, of which the handles were … whistles. Having drunk their beer, the most devoted clients had the possibility to ask for more just by whistling without overstraining their voices in the noisy pubs. 

A funny thing happened to Tom Bowder, a student of Oxford, who demanded a glass of beer at an exam citing an old tradition. As traditions are respected by the English, he got his beer, but was immediately fined for breaking another ancient rule according to which students must wear swords during exams. 

Belgian brewers once produced beer with hemp. This was not a contribution to the drugs family, of course. Just for the taste of it. However, the product was banned, for the label pictured a sprout of fresh hemps. 

Four thousand years ago there was a beautiful tradition in Babylon: the father of the bride made a Beer Month for the bridegroom during the first month after the wedding. This means that the newly-married man could drink beer chock-full at his father-in-law’s expense. What a pity some traditions die! 

A milk farm in Augsburg, Germany, presented the recipe of a new beer brewed on the basis of milk. The beverage includes neither malt nor hops and its taste does not differ from traditional beer at all. The manufacturers said it was a beer designed for drivers. 

Harriet Brooks from Birmingham was named the biggest beer-lover among patrons of a London pub in 1991. The 91-year-old lady claimed she had been drinking more than a litre of beer daily since the age of 18. Thus, it was estimated that the old dear drank 70 tonnes of beer over 73 years!

A music teacher from Philadelphia composed “The Beer Symphony”. His Opus # 1 is a taped composition of sounds made by pouring beer in vessels made of different materials: ceramics, glass, iron. The author asserts the combination of such sounds gives a very pleasant for beer-lovers melody. Music critics were unanimous in a different opinion: “Professor obviously knows beer better than music.” 

A copy of St. Anthony’s cathedral was constructed by beer-lovers in Padua, Italy. The ¼ copy of the actual size edifice was made of 3.045 million beer cans. 

To get the excellent tasteful “marmoreal” beef, the Japanese from the small town of Matsudzaki water their cows with beer and give them massage every morning. Such meat costs 6-8 times more than usual beef. 

In Sierra-Leone’s diamond mines precious stones are examined in beer. According to British geologists, it is only in beer that the visual qualities of diamonds become clearly evident. 

Luxembourg has a small street called “Where Mozell beer is brewed.” 

The Munich airport is the only airport to brew a beer of its own... The small brewery is called "Airbräu" and is between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.


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