— Great Beer Denver Festiva

According to The Guinness Book of Records, Great Beer Denver Festival in America is a place where beer lovers can find a great variety of their favorite drink. Some say that more than tree hundred beer brewing companies take part in this festival and offer many different beer types, including famous Pilsner, Pale and Stout. Denver has long been considered as a Western Munich, and the festival is a real proof of it. Big beer festival in the USA started in 1982, and since that time it is held annually 3rd – 5th October in Denver, Colorado. The three-day beer festival gathers more than twenty thousand visitors from all over America.  Ironically, the United States is the largest beer producer in the world (214 hectoliters or 180 million barrels of beer a year). Unlike Europe, most of the American beer is produced not by the heirs of ancient recipes I their small breweries, but by the giant corporations in gigantic breweries. The world's largest brewery is also here in Colorado. And if we speak about the beer quantity, not the quality, Americans have the right to call their festival a great one.


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