— Healing Beer

Beer is good for health, if you don’t drink more than 0.7 liters per day, - the director of American Healthy Lifestyle Institute Dr. Kertis Ellison says. If you drink beer regularly and moderately, it helps in treating heart diseases, obesity, diabetes and osteoporosis - bones brittleness and fragility. You cannot even get drunk from this amount of beer. Beer hops stimulates the digestive juice, and it neutralizes the negative effects of alcohol. Beer is the main silicon source and restores bone mass. Beer is also good for digestion. The drink contains salt of phosphoric acid, protein and amino acids. They help in anemia treatment, when hemoglobin level is very low. Carbon dioxide helps digestion. There are active elements in hops, that decrease pain and stop bacterial growth.

Beer has vitamin B1, that we can also find in oranges, peas and beef. Also there is a vitamin B2, that is in bananas, wheat, milk, liver and egg. Beer contains a complex protein lipoprotein, that is also called «good cholesterol». It cleans the blood vessels from harmful deposition.

You should drink beer regularly, - Kertis Ellison advices. Beer contains vitamins, that are necessary for a man. Better to drink 0.5 - 0.7 L of beer per day. After all, a human body needs 25 grams of alcohol every day. Several beer glasses contain this alcohol amount. If a person doesn’t drink at all he will die faster than the one who drinks in small amount. But if one drinks a lot of beer, it can also have negative health effect.


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