BeerFest Singapore is a micro brewery!
It's unique place where everybody can taste all kinds of our CRAFT BEERS from light smooth Pilsner Lager, golden hoppy Wheat beer, red color caramel taste American Amber Ale, roasted barley Dark Stout beer and to a unique chery beer Cherry Ruby and Green beer with seaweed Green Piece. 
Daily HAPPY HOURS at BeerFest brewery Singapore! 

Freshly brewed beer at best prices TWICE a day except Fridays:
1. From 5 pm until 6 pm, 
2. From 10 pm until 12 am!
On Fridays - from 5 pm until 6 pm!

Try our freshly brewed beer start form $3 per mug and $5 per pint! 

Non-happy hours prices start from $4 per mug and $7 per pint

Please reserve a table: +6597227446 or just us fill the form by clicking on the button "Reservations" on the right side form you!

Address: 139215, Singapore, Rochester Park, 4.


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